Sunday, 12 February 2017

Trying new things and realising I’m a picky eater

It’s official, I am a picky, snob-ish eater.  Let me explain, I have been receiving offers after offers to try services like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron (no link to their website, I am not here to promote their services).  So I decided to give it a try, and selected Hello Fresh (I think the offer was better than the other service)

The registration process is super easy.  There are 3 meal plans options.  I choose the Classic Plan for 2 (there’s a Veggie plan and a Family plan too).  Once registered, again it is very easy to choose when the plan starts, to put a week on ‘pause’ and to select 3 dishes out of the 5 options.

My first box was delivered last Monday, I was not home so I was a bit anxious about how it will keep fresh (Florida’s winter is not cold).  The packaging is incredible: from the outside it looks like a normal cardboard box, but the inside is padded with thick thermo-lining and there are additional large ice-packs on the top and at the bottom.  Honestly, I think the box can stand a couple of hours outside even in Florida.

Each meal is individually packed in its own compartment and comes with its own recipe card.  The cards are double sided.  One side shows what the meal looks like once cooked, the back side is a pictorial description in 6 steps of the process in pictures.

I started with the Sesame chicken noodle.  The prep was minimal: poaching then slicing the chicken, chopping the onion, crushing the garlic, mixing the ingredients for the sauce and finally cooking the pasta. No cooking skills necessary.

Search results for Hello Fresh

What we like: the Asian flair.
What could have been better: replacing the linguini by real Asian noddle.  The linguini absorbed lots of moisture and got mushy.  More veggie and some coriander, and we only used half of the chicken,

Day 2, the Chili.  Again, it was very very simple to prepare for a meal ready in less than half an hour.

Search results for Hello Fresh1

What we like: simple, fast and filling, perfect for a busy evening.
What could have been better: not enough vegetables to our taste, and the portions were a bit large for 2 girls eating at night.

Day 3: Parmesan crusted cod, probably our preferred meal of the week.  After the 2 previous experiences, I knew it was going to be lacking on the veggies front so I added 4 carrots to the recipe.

Search results for Hello Fresh2

What we like: fish is always a winner for us.  I fed 3 people on this, the portions with the added carrots worked perfectly.
What could have been better: more veggies, but we fixed that.

Overall, I don’t think pre-packed, pre-thought meals are for me.  I have a large repertoire of meals and I don’t really need  recipes for everyday cooking.  I found that there was far to much packaging: in term of preserving the ingredients it makes sense, but in term of protecting the environment it is pretty annoying.  I have checked with Hello Fresh whether they would pick up and recycle the insulated box: the cardboard is to be put in the recycle bin, the box liners can be sent back to them and they also gave me advise on how to recycle to rest.  Also, I don’t know whether the ingredient are organically grown, I should probably send Hello Fresh an e-mail as they have reply to my previous question very fast.

Hello Fresh claim that ‘Cooking with fresh ingredients helps you stay healthy and beats any type of convenience, frozen, or fast food. Plus, we’ve got a dedicated team of chefs and dietitians creating recipes on a weekly basis to ensure that your dinners are balanced and wholesome.’  I feel that to be truly healthy their meals should have much more vegetables.  Also, frozen ingredients have the same quality as fresh ingredients as long as they were kept frozen until cooking.

Although I don’t think this programme is for me, I am actually getting another box for when I am going away.  I think it will work well for my husband and kids, they won’t have to think about dinner or shop for the ingredients.  If your life is super busy and you don’t have much time or energy for shopping, I think it is a good option.  It is also a good way to build some cooking skills and demystify the ‘cooking from scratch’ concept

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A copycat Zinnia

Hello Friends,

May I come back to some projects I’ve finish last year?  I really want to show you some of the projects I really love making and wearing.

To be honest, I did not pay much attention to the Zinnia skirt when it was first launched, I found it a bit ‘déjà vu’, a bit too casual… I don’t know really, it was never under my radar.  Until I saw this version made with Cotton + Steel canvas.  I just wanted this outfit, plain and simple.

Zinnia skirt1
(Sorry for the creepy Santa Claus)

Now what can I say about the skirt?

First, the pattern: it’s from Colette Patterns and it has their vintage feel signature.  The construction is straight forward, even making the pleats was quite easy.  I think this was partly because the canvas holds very well and partly because I did not rush the process.  Another nice detail, it has pockets.  My only challenge was to match the pattern at the back, I think it doesn’t look bad at all.  I really like working with Colette Patterns as their sizing works well with my body, and therefore no alteration’s needed.

Zinnia skirt

Now the fabric.  If I hadn’t seen Colette’s sample, I don’t think I would have ever pick this print for a garment and even less for a skirt.  It’s mid-weight, it’s quite crisp for a linen, and even better it does not crease much even after having been sitting on it for a couple of hours.  Another bonus, the fabric does not fray, I did a simple zigzag to finish the seams and it is still very clean after a couple of washes.  All of this makes for a very enjoyable sewing experience.

The weight of the fabric combines to the shape of the skirt make it looks like a skirt from the 50s.  If I was a little girl I could almost turn and turn to make it swirls (I did try it, it was fun).

My conclusion: keep a creative opened mind when it comes to choosing patterns and fabric!

Edit: I've forgotten to link to Colette's excellent article on sewing with canvas linen.  Here it is!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Not so ordinary week-end

Don’t you love a long week-end?  Ours was great, we went for New York and we made it extra long by fitting some College visits (one needs to make to most of her last kid going to college pretty soon).

It was cold, it was sunny, it was snowy too, it was energizing (and I caught a lots of new Pokémons too :o).  Here we are, overload of pictures.

2017 01 New York
Brooklyn bridge

2017 01 New York2
Night views from and around our hotel

2017 01 New York3
Scrolling around with my teen

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Mod Podge for the win

Hello Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I have a slow-ish time, almost no momentum.  Let’s say it’s the after math of traveling for the holidays, jet lag, and the kids were here too.  So I spent very little time in my sewing room, and btw I could hardly see the sewing table or the floor of the room.

In order to be gentle with myself, I started this year with a little easy project: pattern weights.  Here how it goes.  You need an even number of flat washers (I don’t know what people use these for, I got mine from the hardware store – $3/10), scraps of fabric (I used selvage) and some Mod Podge.

Cutting weights

The rest is easy: wrap the fabric around 2 rings (I first secured the fabric between the rings), then once not more metal shows, I saturated the fabric on one side with the glue, let it dry, cut the excess fabric, and dab more glue on the other side.

Cutting weights1

Once the Mod Podge has dried, it gives the fabric a bit of shine.  Aren’t they pretty?  And I really like the feel of them in my hand, perfect size (2 inches).

Cutting weights2

As much as I am proud of my first little finish for 2017, I know it is not an original idea, there are plenty of similar projects around.  Go and make yourself some!

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Reading list

Hello Friends,

I was about to start like this : ‘2016 has not been great in term of reading… blah blah blah…’  But you know what, 2016 is gone and there’s no point in dwelling on what it has or has not been.

So off we go, here is my line up of books for now.  I’m sure more will be added over the year.

Reading list

Zadie Smith, On Beauty – because I loved White Teeth and NW (and if you don’t feel like reading these last two, you should still watch the mini series White Teeth, or the TV drama NW)
Global Mom – this one was gifted by my neighbour, she has spent most of her life away from home too, I can relate to that;
Denis Johnson, Train Dreams and Takashi Hiraide, The guest cat – I picked those two when I was in London in November, I can’t remember why, hopefully they’ll be nice surprises.

Reading list1

Those are my Christmas presents:
China through the looking glass – I wish I could have seen the exhibition at the Met, the book is so so beautiful, illustrations, paper, biding… and you should really watch the documentary on the exhibition: The first Monday in May.
V&A Gallery of Fashion: fashion though history, what is there not to love?
In the company of women – the sub-title says it all “Inspiration and advice from over 100 Makers, Artists and Entrepreneurs”
Un couteau, une cocotte, un plat (a knife, a pot, a dish) – yes another cookbook, but with a super simple concept: one pot + all the ingredients = one meal.  The recipes are just a couple of steps, the pictures are clean and appetizing.

Reading list2

The quilt block cookbook by Amy Gibson (aka Stitcherydickory) because I want to follow (very loosely) the Quilt along (#cookbookquiltalong), and also because I love a sampler quilt.
The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood because I want to push away from my comfort zone and tip my toes into improv.

So that’s it for the moment.  I record my fictional reading on my Goodreads, should you be interested to see more.  What are you reading?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my friends visiting my little blog.  I’m glad you came by, this space is not much but it makes me happy.

So let’s start 2017 with my best work ever (I know, I know I’ve said it before…)

Alice's bday

Wishing you all the best!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

One last crafty review

It’s the end of the year, time for a quick retrospective.  Most of what I’ve made can be seen here. And you know what? I'm pretty happy with 2016 production.  There's a good balance of knits, quilts and garments. 

The pictures is not quite complete as there are quite a few garments that I haven't blogged about yet: I really want to come back to them especially this dress, this skirt and this top - I'm hoping to take full advantage of Alice's photographic skills to take pictures so I can feature them here.


One of my biggest accomplishment has been for charity: 4 full quilts cut, pieced and quilted, plus a few more where I contributed to the quilting or the biding. Normally, I am a very slow quilter; I might take years to finish even a very small piece, so it has been quite encouraging to realise that I can work faster.


Knitting wise, nothing very spectacular to report but fun and fast projects. I'd love to up my game but the opportunities to wear knitwear are quite limited in Florida.

Mother daughter cowl

Now, shall I risk writing a list of what I would like to accomplish in 2017 (and no, its is not biding!)

- knitting: I know I'll be knitting little baby things and I already know there will be my most loved projects.  I also have the Waiting for Rain shawl to work on, it has been frogged a couple of times, put on the back burner for the moment, but it is second on my queue. I might make a cardigan for myself, I do have a few skeins of a beautiful charcoal yarn. 

- quilting: I still have some long suffering projects that need finishing, we will see how this goes. And I would like to push myself to new horizons, I'm tempted of making 2017 the year I'll embrace improv. 

- dressmaking: I am itching to try new kind of projects: jean-making, sportswear, lingerie, menswear ...  And because I could not resist, I have enrolled to the #sewmystyle project organised by Bluebird Fabrics: 12 months, 12 projects.

PS. this is my last finish for 2016 , the Flax sweater from TincanKnits.


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Best Nine

It's been clear for some time now, Instagram has taken over my social media interactions. I would love to blog as much as I used to (my best years were 2011 and 2012, when we lived in Singapore, when I did do any housekeeping and my kids where taking to bus to school!).  Still I will carry on blogging as long as I can and hope to have a few readers to follow me along.

Surfing on the trend, I’ve done my best nine and here are 2015 and 2016. It's very interesting (for me anyway) to see what attracted Likes. 

2015 - my #hrminiswap, Heather Ross mini swap was obviously a hit as well as the #scrapwrotexqal organised by Crazy Mom Quilts. Also I did post an awful lot (532 pictures!). 


2016: #quiltsforpulse is at the top. I already blogged about this, the Pulse tragedy has been shocking, revolting, but thankfully the Quilt for Pulse drive and the way quilters around the world responded has restored my faith in humanity.  On a more light note, I am delighted to see my #lesfleurs garments, made with #riflepapercofabric, are doing so well.  I am also very happy to see my #zinniaskit on the mosaic, I love this skirt so much.   Finally isn't it nice that's the centre picture is a family picture!


Tell me, what does your Best Nine look like?