Saturday, 9 July 2016

Sewing for the model girl

I love when my girls ask me to sew for them!

Alice has a 10-week internship this summer and not enough working-girl outfits for the whole summer (student life rhymes more with jeans that straight skirt).  So I was happy to oblige and sewed a few tops and skirt for her.

First this almost neon top.  It has been under my radar for many moons (actually, it is one of the first thing I pined when I start with Pinterest).  The pattern is #101 from Burda Style Magazine – June 2011.  I don’t remember any difficulty sewing it probably because I did not follow the instructions, they were very short and I prefer illustrations…  I am quite please with the neck line, the secret of a neat curve is to go slow and steady, trying not to stop.  Fit-wise, I think the shoulders would benefit to be a bit wider and the under-arm a bit lower.  Still it is pretty, maybe a bit shear but again she is young and French so she can pull it off.

Pretty Alice

The skirt is a tested and trusted pattern, but you’ll have to trust me on this because it looks like I never blogged about it and I can’t find the particulars.  Anyway, look how well the pattern matches (OK, I could have done a better job with my zip, it shows a bit)

Now this Liberty top, it’s a Scout Tee.  Contrary to mine,  I haven’t made any alteration.  It fits her well.  I’ve use some Liberty’s from my stash, but as I did not have enough yardage to make the bias for the neck-line, I’ve use some quilting cotton. I love working with Liberty fabric.  The tight woven fabric does not distort when manipulated.  It only needs a very minimal seams treatment; which in this case is none.  I’ve been wearing my Liberty Scout Tee almost every week since I sewed and the seams haven’t frayed.

Pretty Alice1

It is very satisfying to make garments for my girls, everything looks great on them, I could almost believe that I am an expert sewist.

Question, do you keep a record of what you sew?  Where? On a log, a blog, or an online database?  If you go on an online database, which one do you use? Pattern Review, Textillia?

Saturday, 2 July 2016

She’s a mad cookie

I live with a very strange animal, with many faces, sometimes scary, sometimes so funny, driving me nuts, making me laugh.  There’s no character like her, she is infuriating, she speaks Chinese, she is doing magic, she coordinates her hair colour to her drink, she’s an annoying but loving sister, #shesamadcookie.

Alice Garnier


My last born is now 16 and she is very very sweet <3

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

W2 1DY

If I was into writing Memes, I would title the picture below “my face when I received my Riley Blake fabric for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge!”  or “Are you expecting me to work with this?”.  My inspiration was zero, nil, blank…

Riley Blake challenge

The fabric was put away for a while (I have many pictures of my cat sleeping on it).  Time passed.  After I came back from London to help Alice, I was looking through my pictures from my previous visit, finding a collage from Edgware Road Tube Station in London got me starting.

I don’t know whether this could be called a ‘creative process’, I did not do any master calculations, however all the blocks, negative spaces are a multiple of 3.  As you can see, I work directly on my design board with a vague idea of where the quilt was going.  So I guess that’s improvisation!  I’ll have to consider that and reflect on it as I think of myself as a person who does not like improv.

Riley Blake challenge5


Above are the original pictures, down my interpretation.  Do you see it? The tiles, the stairs?

Riley Blake challenge2

Riley Blake challenge4

I’m pretty happy with the final result (and I guess my cat is too).

Riley Blake challenge1

Riley Blake challenge3

The quilt is named W2 1DY (which is the postcode of Edgware Station).

0You can see more quilts from the Modern Quilt Guild Fabric Challenge on Instagram under #MQGfabricchallenge.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The big 5 0 !

We escaped to Key West for a special thing!  What was really special was to be all together for a few days.  If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that there’s no other way I would spend my time, just all of us in a nice place, having a very good time…

Key West

Key West2

Key West1

scrapbooking papers5

Key West4

Key West3

It’s been a very short escape, but we managed to make time for

brother and sisters time
funny face contest time
toes in the sand time
toes on a boat time
washing the sun down from a boat time
spying cats around Hemingway’s house time
being together time
playing with a selfie stick time

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Before June is over

June is almost over and I wish I had a better grip on it.  It went fast, too fast, with good stuff, horrible stuff, family stuff…
At the beginning of the month, for the first time in 20-something years, I went for a long week-end away on my own.  Five days just for myself, no children, no husband, nothing family related.  I felt a pinch of guilt as I made it to the airport, and forgot about it very quickly.

The main purpose of this escape was to participate to Glampstitchalot 2016 organised by PinkCastle Fabric.  I went a day early and spent it in Detroit.

I have no architectural knowledge and a very superficial historical background on Detroit, however I would definitively say that this city has been built on testosterone and steel.  It’s a show-my-muscles kind of city, or at least what I’ve seen of it.
Detroit on my own2
“Whenever there is a conflict between human rights and property rights, human rights must prevail.” Abraham Lincoln
I love that quote! Can you imagine a world where we live by these words?
Detroit on my own1
Detroit on my own

Detroit on my own4Detroit on my own3

I know that’s only a legend, but I still like the idea of underground railroad quilts

Detroit on my own5

As far as the Glampstitchalot retreat was concerned I LOVED it.  I don’t have much to show.  6 great teachers (all sewlebrities), 6 lessons in 2 days, it was super busy and intense, I learnt some new things, met new people but I won’t make a post out of the experience.  If you search the web, some people have done it better that I can do myself.