Alice's Corner - LA - Santa Monica,Malibu and Universal Studio

Today we start the day earlier. No wonder,since as yesterday we got caught out by coming to breakfast too late. The breakfast service stops at only 9:00am but only begins at 7:00! After breakfast we headed down to the Universal Studio in North Hollywood, which is actually a theme park about filming. We learnt that the same street can be used hundreds of times for different movies and we went past the place where they film Desperate Houswifes from Channel 4. Did you know that the scene with the boat from King Kong was actually a miniature replica, which had been magnifided for the scene? We also learnt that to make scenes in the middle of the ocean they only have a huge screen painted blue and that part of the arc from Evan Almighty was built into 3 million gallons of water for just one scene! There was one particular road that had been used for old cowboy movies over 90 years ago! We then headed back to hotel. On the way, we went to a Malibu beach to see different types of birds and watch the sunset over the Pacific. My mum went to take photos further of the coast while my dad, brother, siter and I stayed to play near the waves. Later on the road back to the hotel we saw the beach we went to yesterday, Santa Monica Pier. The fairground rides were illuminated brightly and my sister whinged quietly about not being able to go there.Finally back at the hotel and we settle down to eat with our traditional vegetable platter - the one we had been having almost every two days. Tomorrow we are going back to Malibu beach for a while and then heading to San Diego, where my siter is impatiently waiting to see killer whales.