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We are leaving America in a few hours :-( . I am looking foward to going back home but I will miss America. However, the American temperature will not be missed; today we ended a Disneyland trip at noon because we couldn't stand the heat waiting in line. Yesterday we went to California Park and watched in terror people doing the ( roll of drums at this point ) CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It starts at high speed and continues rapidly along the track. In the middle of the ride the train goes round the loop of Mickey's head upside down! Thank goodness my sister didn't do it - she was worried about going on a Winnie The Pooh ride! Anyway, right now we are enjoying Starbucks coffee waiting to embark our plane. This is the end of our blog but it may be continued next year. More information on that soon. If you enjoyed this blog please show us your appreciation by posting a comment on the comments page.
Thank you,
The Garnier family.

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