Samedi 11 aout Alice's Corner - Sea World

Today we decide to spend a day in Sea World. We woke up quite late so we arrived there at about 11:30 and started the day with the Shark Encounter.

My brother was disappointed about the size of the sharks - they were only about a metre long and their teeth were much shorter than we expected. After , we went to the the  Shipwrecked  Rapids  which got us absolutely soaking.

We then dried off watching Shamu, the amazing killer whale. It was really surprising that Shamu got on so easily with its trainers. It performed tricks that included balancing its trainer on its muzzle while jumping, danced and clapped with its fins and let its trainer hang on to its side as it rolled around in the water.


Later on in the day, we went to our last ride, Atlantis. We started off at a steep angle and turned; then we fell. It was so fast that my brother wanted to hide his head under the  safety bar but I quickly stopped him from doing so. But it wasn't finished; we went in an elevator decorated by  baby  killer  whales. The worst was around the bend when we arrived at the top as it curved as such an angle that it made me feel like I was about to fall from the carriage. We finished wet but exhilarated.At least the hour's wait was worth the five minutes of the ride!