Easter week-end

Kids are away for a couple of weeks.  So time was good for "at home projects"; starting by tackling the garden.  Sounds familiar?  Done this last year?  Yes but ivy is deadly, it runs everywhere killing the prettiest plants.  50 bags of ivy went to the recycling center over the week-end.  Not too bad.  Probably as much to come still, but at least we can see the wall, the hydrangeas and other plants of which I do not know the name.  Well done to Philippe and myself, it rained during the 2 days we were in the garden.  We were all muddy and cold.  Shame I have not taken any pictures.

Next project; get ride of the ugly kitchen unit in the garage, then more tidy up.  The garage seemed to have extended, much larger, almost ready to welcome a freezer (this meant to be a jock, I do not have a freezer and when suggested we should buy one in January, Philippe did not really approve, so no freezer...).

In the mean time, I have finished a knitting project:

I've recently received my invitation to Ravelry, and now spend hours exploring the site and getting lost, planning new projects...

So pleased by the result, I decided that it was time to finish other project, like this little vest I started years ago.  The yarn is Rowan Fine Cotton Chenille, in green.  I abandoned it several times and started again.  The yarn goes funny when knitted, making the garment to go side way.  I am confident that it will be sorted out once pressed.

And finally, this morning I stepped on the scale.  I had to stepped on it a couple of times before I had to accept that I was now weighting kk,gg kilograms (you don't want to know how much it is in stones).  So it was time for my new year good resolutions.  First, start to record everything I am eating; I am not a dust bin! And then secondly, start exercising again.  So aussi tot dit, aussi tot fait, I went "walking-running" (run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes) for half of hour (WeightWatcher plan From walking to running in 8 weeks).

Not sure I want to go back to work after this long, full week-end!...