A post especially for Marie-Pierre

Now that all the boxes are unpacked and that everything is nice and tidy  (almost), it is probably a good time to start blogging again.

  1. I'll start with my “good resolutions”:
  2. Post at least every 3 days (unless traveling somewhere nice with no internet connection)
  3. Go to the gym or swimming two more time (I am going twice at the moment)
  4. Start research for a new computer (I am losing letters: the Y first, then the T and this morning the C)
  5. Move this blog to a more user-friendly provider - maybe
  6. Lose weight! Good one…

Anyway, this first post is for Marie-Pierre.  Marie Pierre is my god-daughter, my god-father’s daughter and my daughter’s god-mother - still following?!  Marie Pierre lives in Nouméa (French Caledonia) and she is expecting a baby (OK, not on her own, she has a nice husband - Benoit, but I am more interested in her belly than his!).  It is her first, I am so excited; I remember when she was born, I was 13, I used to look after her mum when she was pregnant, and later on, I babysat Marie-Pierre.  It felt all funny the other day when I browsed through old pictures and found some of her as a baby.

Coming back to the baby, he or she will probably need nothing; first baby always get swamped with gifts.  Does not matter, I am still going to cover her/him with hand made stuff.  I am not going to buy anything; NO, everything will be knitted, stitched with love and sweaty hands (it's hot here!).

Here is my first project:
(Marie-Pierre, if you do not want to know it is time to close your eyes or leave the room).