Thursday, 26 November 2009

Catching up - Part III: Quilting

I have been in a technological black hole for all week now. I cannot access my e-mails, and whenever I get a connection they appear in a crazy lay out (Alice would probably say “m..ed up”).

Anyway, I’ve been sewing and producing 2 cushion-covers. Do I dare saying that I have “designed” these. Maybe not, I am pretty sure that anybody would have or have already came with a similar idea. Still, I enjoyed the result and will be posting a tutorial once I am out of this technological black hole (Adobe and Word are playing up too).

The Batik quilt has now been sandwich. It looks great, just the size of our bed. Only think left to do is quilting: I said I will machine quilt it, but delaying the start of the process - I still feel uncomfortable with machine quilting.
And finally, the Xmas quilt inspired from this BOM is nearly finished. I machine-quilted it, it looks OK from the front, but the the back is not too good. I should have used a neutral colour instead of the red thread. And I should probably have planned it better: Initially the embroideries were the square in the center of another square, every thing surrounded by a star. The stars ended up being huge and the embroideries lost - such a shame considering the time spent on them. So I cut, re-cut and finally went for smaller stars, but every single piece of fabric is in the bias! Now I am adding a bit a hand-quilting around the embroidery.

Monday, 23 November 2009

New Blog

For the next couple of posts, I will use this new blog and my old one. Let's see which one I prefer, I feel more comfortable with.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Catching up - Part II: Knitting and crocheting

MP's Bb’s set is finished.  I also knitted a little hattie, not that it will be necessary where they live but I could not resist its cuteness.  With its little anchor it seems very appropriate as a gift for a baby with Briton ancestors.

I also crocheted this very easy scarf.

One of the teachers at Juliette’s school was making it last week and I had to copy it.  It is so simple and so effective.  The pattern is posted for free here.  I will probably make it again as a hair band adding beads and nice ribbon.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Catching up - Part One: Halloween

Halloween is more than a week ago, but still here are some pictures of my monsters: a zombie and a witch (Alice did not fancy any of this). 

IMGP4211 (2)IMGP4212 (2)

They went “trick and treating with these little bags.  I found the pattern at Happy Zombie, here is the link  They look much better than any plastic bag.