The Fantastic Three - tous champions

Last Saturday, my "monsters" participated to the inter-school Aquathlon:

  • Juliette swam 200 m and ran 1.280 km,
  • Victor swam 300 m for 1.920 km run,
  • Alice did 400 m swim with 3.200 km run.
all did very well and I was so impressed by their performance
especially under the heat we had. I would I love to give you the final
results but the French School is unfashionably late in publishing them!

Here are some pictures:


  1. Décidément quelque soi le pays, tes "monstres" en mettent toujours plein la vue à tout le monde. Bientôt, il faudra une armoire entière rien que pour leurs coupes et leurs médailles....
    Bisous et félicitations


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