On organisation

I am posting this from my new Laptop! DH, the kids and I went shopping on Saturday. First stop at the tailor, so DH ordered a new suit, then we went for lunch and finaly off we go to Funan Mall, THE place in Singapore for electronic stuff. And before long we got myself a new laptop. So nice and fast.

This has not relation with the first part of this post, I am reorganising at home. This is not as easy as it seems. Of course, Edna is at home to help (some would say to do everything). But I like to have things in a certain order/place and I do not want to upset her, or to have her in my way whent I am doing it. Therefore I took the opportunity that she was off today to reorganise my kitchen shelves. How many packs of sugar does one need? How many different types of rice? All of this is now sorted, organised, labelled. Kids and DH have been trained... How long the order will last?

Now this is related to the previous paragraph, still under the urge of making the home a nicer organised place, I decided to take pictures of my shoes. Sure you've seen this many time: the idea is to place a picture of the shoes on each box which make the search easier. In my case, it is more a case of putting all the boxes away and free some space in the bedroom. So far here are the one I have done. I like the Polaroid look. And yes, I have much more shoes than that, but Alice's essay on electricity (R=V/I) is due tomorrow.