Back from school with a headach!

That was tough!... Imagine 8 girls, 6 off them from the sport business, a Philipino physio (:)) You should know that my anatomy knowledge goes as far as the song "Head, shoulder, knees and toes" (here is a link to YouTube for those that would not know the song - I doubt).

Now how many bones and muscles do you think you have? Where is your AC joint? Ok an easy one, how many ribs: 24 or 12 pairs. If I say flexion and extension, that sounds easy. What's about adduction, abduction and scaption, does that ring any bell? Anybody ever heard of diastesis recti? What are the pelvic floor' muscles? You have enough?

I spent the first day wondering what I was doing in this workshop. Then I did my home work on bones, and the next day, the 1st half an hour felt almost good. But I dived again when we started on muscles... I just have to go through the "Trail Guide to the Body"


  1. courage ma cousine . Ca va finir par rentrer. Meme moi j'aurai du mal car tout est en anglais... au fait c'et 24 côtes et 12 pairs bien sûr. AC joint, je ne sais pas de quelle articulation tu parles...

  2. au fait les muscles du plancher pelvien tu connais pas? ca m'étonne...


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