Chocolate roulade with cream and raspberries

We are eating out tonight, having been invited for dinner by our cousins. I said I will bring the dessert (very French - whenever you are inviting French people,we will offer to bring the starter or the dessert; not that they are doubting your cooking skills, it is just the way we are.)

What shall I do? Fruits salad with Mangos, Pomelos and Pomegrate - done this the last time they came? Tiramisu - might be a faute de gout considering that they are Italians? Icecream and biscuits - too easy. So what's about a Chocolate Roulade?

So first thing this morning, I started with the "Ultimate Chocolate Roulade" from Mary Berry (remember this book!). The recipe is fairly easy, it begins like a chocolate mousse which is then spread on a baking tray and cooked at low temperature for 20 minutes.

Although, I am very happy that the recipe does not call for butter, I was a bit worried that no flour was required either. To be on the safe side, I added a tablespoon of cornflour. Oh, and I also used mascarpone rather than thick double cream... and I added some raspberries.
Doesn't it look appetising?