Late but great

It all started with this... A bit of Indonesian Batik... Sounds familiar?

OK, first if recycling is important for the planet, when it comes to blogging, recycling a post is a bit like cheating.

Secondly, YES, once again I succumbed to Indonesian Batik. Back in January, I bought some fabrics for MP (where she lives, it is hot too and she needs skirts and dresses). I loved this white one, so fresh. So I had to have it, and make a dress for myself. Here is my February's dress.

I made it in a couple of hours yesterday and finished the hem this morning. I used the same pattern as for the January's dress, just changing the skirt to a A-shape.

When will I wear it? Should I wait for a special occasion like going to see Giselle, or to my Cello teacher's concert. Or I should probably wear it just for the pleasure of it.

Now to the March's dress: which one should I do? This one from Vogue, or this one, or this one from Butterick.


  1. moi je vote pour le première

  2. Very pretty - you're making me want to to some dressmaking again when I haven't done any in maybe twenty years!



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