Pilates Pillow

I have had my first 2 days of training for the IMP to become a  STOTT Pilates instructor.  That was not has bad as I expected.  This time I did not feel old and out of place.

I came back with a crafty idea.  Actually, it has been in my mind for some time.  I would love to have a mat with some fabric design, something bright to lift my mood, or something cool to smooth it.  I also would like to have a nice bag to roll my mat, and another one for my rubber band, and some assorted towels… and a Pilates Pillow.

So today, between my lesson, a few e-mails and the ‘kids runs’, I managed a bit of sewing.

2010 03 08_Pilates Pillow_0003

2010 03 08_Pilates Pillow_00072010 03 08_Pilates Pillow_0006  Tomorrow I’ll work on some little bags.


  1. très joli ma foi,
    moi j'ai pleins d'idée mais le temps passe trop vite.


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