Baby steps

I am running slowly (or else I am not running at all - but that’s another story). So rather than running, I am doing baby-steps (or else I am working for babies).

This little knit is for Olivvier and is going to England - if the Icelandic ash cloud let go. It is lime green, made from Sublime yarn from this book.

I am knitting another cardi from the same book, but I cannot show you much… there’s is a Little Lady who might spy on this blog.

For the same Little Lady, I have got this. It was all embroidered this over Christmas, and then it took me a lot of time to find somebody to frame it. Originally, I wanted to use a coloured varnish for the finish, but the wood is so nice natural, that I finally choose a mat finish.


  1. Maie euh. Tant pis j' qu'un mois...


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