Mystery quilt

My good friends from the Studio Quilters in Elstree sent me the instructions for a mystery quilt. This is very kind of them, it makes me feel that I am still part of the Group even if we are miles and miles apart.

There is something about Mystery Quilt. On one hand, I really want to do it, go through all the steps without knowing where it will end. On the other hand, I wish I knew more about the end result before choosing my fabric. But it will defeat the purpose of the mystery, won’t it? I guess I could use some left-over fabric, mix and match from other projects, or fabric I am not so in love with. I guess I could do that, but not knowing what the quilt will look like, makes me want to be sure that at least I love the fabric I will include.

So here are my fabrics: 4 dark, 4 medium, 4 light. I went to Brigitte with my Mum and we choose those. There are all Japanese fabrics (some of them cost a little fortune, but it is good that it was in S$).

Went through a morning of cutting, and was fed-up before I finished it which was a good thing as there were some errors on the cutting instructions. I am now done with Part 1 (cutting) and Part 2.

Now this is what I mean about Mystery Quilt. I am not quite sure I like the combination or the look of the block. Oh well, I will have to carry on and I am sure the result will be nice in the end. Part 3 looks more promising – Flying Geese.