Oops! I did it again

My mum and dad came to see us in Singapore. We said (not my dad) we wanted to sew together, but honestly there are so many things to do and see that I did not really expect to have much time for needle craft. So before she arrived I went to my preferred place in Chinatown and got some… batik!




By the way, look at my beautiful Orchids. Want to know the price? S$ 13 each, which is about Euros 7.5 or GBP 6… Sorry to make you feel jalous.


Sorry for the pictures, not the best… but once again we have been pretty busy and I took these quickly before the skirt went back to Europe.


  1. I don't find it funny. I'd like to see my aunt with it. I need a picture

  2. au fait ce n'est pas le même tissu que tu m'a offert... En tout cas pas les mêmes dessins.


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