Lady Gaia

Dear Little Lady,

You have no idea how excited we are to welcome you at home. We are *almost* crossing the days on the calendar. Just another 15 days and 14 sleeps to wait.

We are planning, conspiring to make sure that your Mum is very busy while you are with us. This way we will take any opportunity to hold you, to cuddle you, to kiss you, to make you giggle, to tickle you… We might even eat you!

In the meantime, here is how I kept my fingers buzzing. You must understand that one must wear new clothes for a first visit to the Family.

This is waiting for you for your first trip to France.

Gros bisous,

Your God Grand-Mother

PS. Found this little 'sent-bon', made for you!

PS2. The dress and the bloomer patterns come from Marie Claire Idée, the cardigan from Sublime and the shoes from Hookcandy.


  1. Maman vient de me réveiller pour me montrer ces belles photos. J'ai hâte moi aussi de vous soir, ma maman et mon papa me font beaucoup de bisous mais j'attends les vôtres avec impatience.
    Pour le sent bon maman a envie de te sauter au cou : elle a trouvé çà en australie et elle n'a acheté que le lait. Alors tu risques de devenir notre fournisseuse officielle parce que : Ben çà sent trop bon la lavande....


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