Once upon the time in my life

Once upon the time, there was Gunter.  Gunter was German, I met him last year in January.  Gunter was not very good looking, but he was my first.  We got on well together until I found out he lied about his age (much younger that he was pretending to be!).  I broke my arm and we broke off.

Then, once in Singapore, I met Junior.  Junior is quite nice looking, very sensitive, with a soft touch, almost feminine.  I think I was falling in love with  Junior, but knew he was not mine.  We play nicely together, sometimes out of tune.  I made giant steps with him.

And recently, I have been introduced to Handsome.  Handsome is handsome, from Chinese origin, nicely tan.  You need a strong hand to make him vibrate.  I like his warm strong voice, I like his shoulder, a bit rough.

Junior and Handsome now both sleep in my bedroom.

PS.  Oh, my kids urged me to add pictures to this post, so to clear any misunderstanding.  Therefore, let me introduce them to you.

                IMGP2424     IMGP6885IMGP6889