Green cat goes to France

J. is going to France tonight, taking the plane for a very long flight on her own, for the first time. I will do it, but my heart will be all swollen when I drive her to the airport. My hands are going to tremble when I give her passport to the person at the desk. And finally, I will let her hand go, I will wave while she goes through the Police check. My little girl is getting bigger and she is so exited about this trip.

Getting bigger, but still happy to have something handmade by Mum. And she needs a little bag for her note book, I-pod and passport.


The linen fabric is recycled from a pillow healer – the kind that is filled with beans and that you warm in the microwave before applying to your sore neck after so many hours of needle work. The cat shape comes from doe-c-doe photostream (check her blog too). And the floral print is from Kaffe Fasset.

One day, I may write a tutorial for this!


  1. je le veux le tuto... et je pense bien fort à toi. bisous


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