In our plates

Since we arrived in Singapore, we’ve try to eat ‘local’: Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Philippino…  I now have a collection of Asian books.  Our usual Saturday lunches are normally taken at hawker centres.

But recently, tapas have been making their way to our menus.  First, J. and I went to Jones the Grocer.  It is very chic, perfect for a Ladies’ lunch.  They do serve tapas in stylish plates and J. feels very at ease and grown up.  Here is what we had today:

  • cappuccino for me 
  • Cola for J. 
  • beef Carpaccio for J. (though I am sure they use fancier terms for it) 
  • pastrami and cheese sandwich in a baguette (actually a very good baguette – crispy outside and white and soft inside) 
  • J. finished with a cupcake, with electric blue icing!


And now my ‘home’ version of tapas: red beans and chickpeas salad, with roast bell pepper and olivette tomatoes, served with marinated olive, dry ham and Manchego cheese.  This is it in pictures:

005 006 007 009