Start of a tradition – Sunday tapas

Kids, even grown up kids, like traditions, routines. Anyway mine, they really are into culinary traditions. When we lived in England, Tuesdays were pasta nights (they needed the carbs for the swimming training), Fridays were pizza nights in front of the TV (I needed then to fold the underwear and pair the socks), Saturday nights were for ice-cream and Sunday lunches we would go to the pub (only when P. was away).

Now we are introducing Sunday tapas. Yesterday night’s recipe came from Flo’s blog – Bliss in the Kitchen. It does not seem like much, but it was very nice. Although, not an easy recipe to pull together. Not that you need a high expertise in cooking, but finding chorizo was much more challenging, no basil, no goat cheese this time either.


Even better, I served it with ‘my’ bread. Yes, my bread. I tried so many times to reproduce this bread. It should have been so easy, but it seems that the temperature here make not so easy.



  1. hey coucou! elle est bien cette recette de Jamie, non? j'adore, je l'ai encore refaite ce WE. Et dis, ton pain a l'air vraiment pas mal, la mie surtout, avec de belles et grandes alvéoles... Je me suis mise au levain, et c'est pas facile. Une autre Flo, sur son blog Makanai donne de tres bons conseils pour le pain. Si tu es mordue, jette in oeil.


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