French holiday - Part 4: a grumpy old woman in Paris

After a long week-end in England, we are back to France for a couple of days. Staying in Paris as tourists is so nice. And what do tourists do when in Paris? They go and visit the Musée du Louvre. So off we go to the Louvre. This is where you meet the grumpy woman; I would like to know why this experience was so unpleasant; why there were so many people and so little organisation so you can hardly seen any of the works exposed. We did the Egyptian gallery almost running, pushed and squeezed around. Juliette was the only one to have had a glimpse at Mona Lisa on her dad’s shoulders. It was hot, noisy, crowded… I honestly think there must be better way to organise the visit. In one word, I felt very, very DISAPPOINTED.

The positive thing is that it all went uphill from there. We had a very nice, posh, Parisien lunch at Café Marly.

Then, walked to La Drogerie. Ever heard of the Florence syndrome? I am sure that there must be a La Drogerie-syndrome, or a ‘beautiful-craft-shop-syndrome’; hands getting giddy, short breath, head spinning, wide smile on your face …

I had to buyAdd Image a bit of dream: the latest book ‘Léger et douillet avec la droguerie’and some yearn Soyeuse 50% silk, 50% baby Alpaga.


  1. Vous devez être sur le point de repartir. alors bon voyage et bisous.


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