Esprit français and a miscalculation

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I love this little top. It was so easy and fast to sew. The pattern comes from Léger et Douillet avec la Droguerie. I can’t wait for Sunday to wear it with my white trousers and welcome DH back home.

And believe it or not, I learnt how to make bias. Years of sewing and I never, ever made bias before. In principle, I knew how to do it: a square cut in half, flipped triangles sewed together, lines drawn and voilà. But the question was : how big must the square be to get the necessary length?

Let’s say that a is the side of the square, w the width of the bias, l the total length of the bias. Then the formulae are as follow:

  1. l = (a x a)/ w
  2. w = (a x a)/ l
  3. a = square root (l x w)

So far no difficulties, but I mixed up centimetres with metres! I now have 8 m of bias when I only needed 1! Anyone interested?



  1. et moi je veux le voir portée par sa propriétaire...


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