French holiday – Epilogue

Yes, we are back.  A week already, where has it gone?

The kids are going back to school this week, and I will resume to my normal routine.

But before the summer holiday are gone for good, look what I brought back from France and England.  I have been pretty reasonable.





I also paid a visit to Ira’s shop and bought these pieces of fabric.  I want to sew this blouse for myself and was inspired by July’s Challenge from Defi’13: Petit Bal – Guinguette [popular drinking establishments located in the suburbs of Paris and other cities in France. Ginguettes would also serve as restaurants and, often, as dance venues. The origin of the term comes from guinguet, indicating a sour white light local wine.  A Goguette was a similar kind of establishment.] Bleu, blanc, rouge are de rigeur.