My first swap

I just joined the Candlelight mat swap from Quilters Gallery. I am so exited, this is my first ever swap.

Do I hear, SWAP, what SWAP? The basics are pretty basic: you register, you produce a candlelight mat and you send it to your partner A and you receive one from your partner B (known or secret).

Simple! So what’s so exciting about it?

First, I have to work on a deadline.
Second, I am sewing for somebody I do not know but has the potential to become a friend.
Thirdly, somebody, with the potential to become a friend, is making something for me.
Fourthly, my partners can be anywhere in the world, yes – the whole world.
Fifthly , it is my first time.

O M G, O M G, I am SO excited! (Oops already said that :)

If you want to join, the link is here : registration form, pattern, instructions


  1. Hello,
    I am a fellow quilter from the USA. I will be visitng Singapore tomorrow. I was wondering, can you please refer some quilting/fabric shops in Singapore.

    Thank you,
    Grace -

  2. Hello, Caroline ! Pleased to meet you and thank you for your comment on my blog. My first candle mat is already finished, and I am sewing a few more... You will see pictures of them on Quiltintours as well as my friends'ones in a few days.
    Mais vous êtres française ! c'est l'habitude d'écrire en anglais qui me fait utiliser cette langue que j'aime.

    Bon courage à bientôt,


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