Some knitting progress

I have difficulties at the moment to find the balance between knitting, sewing, organising the family routine, covering new books, attending school meetings, studying and blogging.  I do not want to see blogging as another obligation, but if I do not blog, there is nothing for me to see and consider as progress, and I might lose my readers (if I have any) ;(.

As the last couple of weeks have progressed, I think that knitting is taking over.

Fact 1: My friend Mandy is starting a Knitting group, first meeting is next Monday.  I thought: new meeting = new project, but before I MUST finish any knitting WIP (I said knitting, not crochet – I am not that ambitious).

Fact 2: MP’s Bb, aka Lady Gaia, has moved to Melbourne, Australia.  Poor little girl, she went from an endless summer to winter.  She has been wearing only nappies and Ts all her life, and now she needs gloves, hat, scarf… So she NEEDS a new cardigan and matching hat.  I am working on it.

IMGP8856 IMGP8851

In the mean time, look how cute she is with the little hat I made for her months ago.

Picture stolen from MP’s facebook album – sorry lah!

Fact 3: I miss Autumn and Winter, so to feel in the mood, I made myself a oh-so-soft shawl - Alpaga and Silk – wonderful! Still needs blocking though.

IMGP8864 IMGP8860 IMGP8858

Fact 4: We are going to Beijing at the end of October, therefore Alice would love to have a new jumper (I never ever do anything for her – Do I really love her?) Yes, I do love her, and much more than she can ever imagine, so I did agree to knit a jumper, and not the easy, fast, and stylish one I initially chose, but the one with zig-zag and bobbles, cables crossing over more cables, and a shawl collar.  For sure, that must count as love.



  1. T'as au moins une lectrice et qui adore ce que tu fais... et ce que tu écris. You = wonderful mum who loves her kids so much.
    Au fait je te pardonne d'avoir stolen ma photo


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