Cooking my week with donna hay magazine

You’ve probably seen or read or heard about ‘Julie and Julia’.  I have seen the movie which I very much enjoyed, and partially read the book which I did not enjoy as much.

Although I like the idea of experiencing with each recipe, I am not that ambitious, and I have a family to feed, and no life crisis to cure (done that already).  So I am not going to cook every single recipe from Julia Child.  At the moment, I am more interested in Donna Hay and her magazine.  And I love the October issue : ‘Sweet as spring’.

I’ve decided that this week I will make my way through ‘donna hay magazine’.  Again, I am not that ambitious, and will restrict myself to the evening meals, 5 to be precise (NSAH2 might take me out at the end of the week, and Sunday, I will improvise with what’s left in the fridge – I should really change my grocery shopping day).

So, first dinner, ‘herb crumbed snapper’ (p70 if you have the magazine).  I bought some red snappers and had them filleted.  I served the fillets with cabbage and carrots stir-fried (the kids do not like rocket).  I replaced the parsley with Chinese parsley.

The verdict:

  • on the children’s side: they did not like it, too spicy!
  • on the adults’ side: we loved it.  Although I might put fewer herbs next time, we enjoyed the combination of flavours.