Day 2 with Donna Hay


Yesterday, I’ve tried the ‘sticky pork fillet with shiitake mushrooms’ (minus the star anise which P. does not like). The preparation was fast and easy (especially when you have a rice-cooker, and somebody that prepares the rice for you!). No fancy ingredients, and being in S’pore the mushrooms are easy to find. Wrapped everything, put it in the oven, just enough time to set the table, and it was ready. I served it with stir fried asparagus and mushrooms to which I added a bit of oyster sauce.

The verdict:

  • 110% success: everybody loved it, the parcel paper was almost eaten too, no grain of rice was left behind, and V. almost ate all his mushrooms.

We’ve got a keeper.


PS1: I know my place mats look a bit dated, but I cannot give them away; my aunty offered them to me when I first started working

PS2: New year’s resolution, MUST take photography lessons.


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