Donna Hay, 3rd take

Wednesday was our night out; P. took us to Marina Bay (if you ever come to S’pore, you cannot miss it: it is a hotel in the shape of a boat. It’s huge and it’s the tallest building in the City. From the top, you have a great 360-view). To come back to my story, no cooking for me yesterday.

Making a decision for tonight’s meal was not easy. As I read the recipes aloud to A., she chose the salmon with pea and feta couscous, but I was more tempted by the ‘crispy-skin salmon with chilli salt’. So I had to compromise: ‘crispy-skin salmon with chilli salt’ with Adamame beans and couscous and peas salad.

Here is our dinner in pictures:


The verdict:

  • Another success. The salmon was sweet and hot all at once, and the couscous has always been one of the kids favourite.
  • The salmon was a tad too cooked.

Personal message to Donna Hay: “My family and I love you.”

I am not sure what it will be tomorrow. I will need something very light as I am going to a ‘chocolate workshop’, making truffles!