Before I start, I hope you won’t mind to much if this blog is slipping away from its original subject.  I realise that Quilting has given way to Knitting, Cooking, Non Crafted related subjects.  Sorry about this, and I hope you still enjoy the visit (if not for my blog, at least for the link to those fantastic crafters from around the world).

image I am a fan and a follower of Clover Lane blog.  I love the way Sarah speaks about motherhood: not in a rosy way, not is a crappy way, but she makes me see, if not always appreciate, what I have.  Motherhood is a full time job, I considered quitting so many times, to often I forget that I should dedicated the time I have with my kids to them and not think about what I would do if they would stop asking for this or that.

What I like with Clover Lane blog, is the fact that she has rules, rules to support her values (here one more post I love).  She has her ups and downs like all of us, she has weaknesses and strengths.  One of them being organised.

I stole this idea from her: making a diary/day-by-day recap of the kids activities.  They have been laminated, so we can add notes with a white-board pen.  OK, now my fridge looks less than tidy, but I think I can live with it, if it helps the children to be more organised.





And just have a look at these posts from Sarah: a series of Q/A – so inspiring.