On the impact of S’pore’s weather on my children (!)

Yesterday, I took the kids shopping.  We are going to China (to be precise, we HOPE – but this is another story) next week-end.  On Friday, I’ve asked V. to try on his trousers, long-sleeved shirts, jumpers… and guess what, everything he tried on is going to the Salvation Army; nothing fitted, not even his underwear (I should probably say no more – I am not supposed to embarrass anybody on my blog).

So first stop, Gap.  For those of you who do not know me, I would say I am quite a nice person, polite, smiling, but I DO NOT like it when the sales assistant ‘jumps’ on me the minute I start looking at a display, and it is what happened at Gap.  The story goes like that:

Me, to the Sales Assistant, while looking at jeans in the adult section: “Please, could you help me with the size for my son?

Sales Assistant: “How old is your son?”

Me: “13”

Sales Assistant: “So you should go to the kids department.”

Me: “My son is as tall as you, do you dress in the kids department?'”

Then the kids started ‘Mum!’-me with embarrassed laughs.  I have a friend who says “Do not mess with the old women”, she is right, DON’T, we might bite.

Anyway, after the shock of having to re-dress V. from head to toes (Yes, socks too), I bought J. her first pair of shoes in the adult section.  OK, Asian ladies tend to have smaller feet, but it is a size 36!  So in the end, after a couple of hours of rambling, we came back with shoes for J. and A. (not on the list), skinny jeans and T-shirt for A. (not on the list either), and for V. jeans, shirt, sweatshirt, boxers, socks and bag-pack (his actual one look ridiculously small on his back! and the girls at school have mentioned it).

I cannot believe how much those 3 have grown in the past months.  When we moved in Singapore, a year ago, I started measuring the children and recording their progress on the utility room wall.  See what the hot weather does to their bodies:


This one was a little girl when we arrived, she is now wearing adult shoes.


This one was a nice teen, she is now thinking about University (and she is still a nice young lady).


What can I say on this one? Soon I will be the smallest one in the household. And it is not only height, but muscles, voice, facial hair…


  1. en même temps vu la taille du NSAH2 , ils peuvent difficilement faire autrement. Attendss quelques années et je te rejoindrai dans les maman mini..


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