Red, White and Lime

IMGP8993 Working on my Candle mat: red, white and lime.

I don’t usually wash my fabrics before working with them; I like the crispy feeling of unwashed fabric, I find it easier to cut and work with. But, we all know that you cannot trust reds. So I dipped them in vinegary water. I wish I took pictures, the water went bright fuchsia, even after 3 rinses. Next thing I did was to add a piece of white fabric to my ‘guilty’ red fabric, then more water, more vinegar, and I let it soak, went shopping, went to my Cello lesson, went and had lunch with J. When I came back the water was still pink (a lighter shade though), but my white was still white. Is it safe to assume that this red is now usable? I do not feel 100% confident yet, and therefore will decide later to include it or not.

Now some progress pictures:

CIMGP8982Cutting the triangles for the centres


Centres assembled


Almost there


And YES, this is my bed. And YES, this is where I am going to sleep tonight, but P. (aka NSAH2never stay at home husband) is not around,
so might just push things a bit and remove any dangerous tools.


Disapproving LaoShi


Almost there! (I do not know why LaoShi is upset)


  1. comme toujours chouette à regarder. Demain je teste ma machine sur des coussins. çà devrait le faire...


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