Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mindless post - The before/after game






Can you spot the differences?

The After picture is how I like my perfumes to be displayed; the Before is how I find them each time, after my helper cleaned the bathroom.

The question is: should I mention it? or should I be grateful to have a helper that does most of the tasks I do not like and let me spend more time on the things I like?

Decision made: I will be GRATEFUL!… and rearrange my perfumes Smile

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Teddy Bears’ party

‘For next week, sew the head and stuff it’.  That’s how we finished last Friday’s workshop.

IMG_0072[1]A couple of months ago, I had seen this Teddy Bear in a Decoration shop (Lim’s for those of you who live in S’pore).  I loved the fact that it was done with Batik.  If you remember what I sewed last year (this dress, and this one, this skirt and those two dresses, and here another skirt…), you know that I love Batik.  Conclusion, I had to have one of those Batik Teddy Bears, but was not ready to buy it.  Where is the fun in buying something you would enjoy making?

I booked myself for a Teddy Bears’ workshop at Brigitte.  My first workshop for a long, very long time. I do not go to many workshop as I think that I am able enough to follow a pattern, but on the other hand, it is so nice to share experiences with others, and all the chatting!

Teddy Bears first batch

Last Friday was the first part of the workshop, only 2 participants.That was great.  Back home, I finished my ‘first head’, stuffed it, sewed the arms and belly, stuffed them too… and now what? Wait until next Friday?  No, I cut, sewed and stuffed another 3 bears on Sunday, and another 4 on Monday. I am not compulsive, I am just enjoying myself.

Teddy Bears ecossais

To be continued…

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Books, books, I love books

I knit.
I sew.
I embroider.
I cook.
I blog.
I read. Yes I do and not only Tintin au Congo (sorry, private joke with my kids and NSAH2).
Here is what I am reading at the moment:
A great read so far. I started slowly and now I can’t wait to go to bed and read (Yes, Dear Cousin, you are not the only one who cannot go to sleep without having read a few lines).
This one is in preparation of the little visitor who comes to see us in a bit more than a week. We would not want to feed Lady Gaia with processed food, would we?
If you are a Quilting blog addict, you might know Elizabeth Hartman. She is behind Oh Fransson. I started following her blog in 2008. It is so nice to witness her style getting stronger, her technique taking a modern twist, and the colours she uses are so invigorating.
Finally, this one is on my bedside table. Do not be mistaken, it is not to cure night insomnia. I am really reading it.
660 muscles more or less in our body, how lucky we are! Soon I will know all the muscles involved in my arms’ circumduction (love this word, it means that you are doing circles with your arms).
By my bed, I have a large basket of books I am planning to read next: Wolf Hall from Hilary Mantel, Mercy – Toni Morisson (isn’t she a beautiful lady?), Le projet Lazarus – Aleksandar Hemon, Martha Inc., The Laguna – Barbara Kingsolver and I have much more on my ‘ToRead list”. I do not understand how people can get bored, honestly there is so much to read.
PS. Have you notice how I managed to post without any crafting progress? I’ve been revising recently (hence the anatomy book). I am working on Xmas projects and I am going to a ‘Teddy Bear workshop’ tomorrow.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

C.U. Later


Halloween or Toussaints? The first one being fun for kids, and scary. The second one, boring and scary too (in my childhood, on Nov. 1st, we would go from cemetery to cemetery, with my grandmother, paying respect to people we did not know and having tea with [scary] old ladies).

For the Treat or Trick’s party at our condo, J. helped me to prepare sweet bags: more hygienic (it might feel good to be scared, but germs from the neighbourhood travelling on little hands, dipping in my bowl of sweets is not for me!).


Do you like my banner? Not too scary. A. said ‘creepy’, it reminds her of the movie Coraline.


J. has always been my little witch with her eyes of different colour. A good witch though! But, when you are 10, being a witch is no longer fun. This year, she was a Disco Diva (Disco maybe, Diva for sure).


Tonight all the decorations are going down until next year, and shall we start thinking about Xmas?

By the way, if you are wondering what is in our plates this week, here it is: pasta with melted butter.


Monday, 1 November 2010

Candle mat swap

Today is the day I need to send my finished mat.  My birdies are going to… sorry I cannot tell you yet!  What I can tell is that they are going to the States, North Carolina to be a bit more specific.  I hope my partner likes it.  First swap and I am nervous: will it be at the required level of quality?  Will my partner like the colour, the arrangement?…

candle mat

In the other hand, I am very exited to receive mine.  I’ve been checking the Flickr pool recently, there are so many lovely realisations.  I wonder whether my other partner has post a picture of my mat.

I still have 3 other mats to finish, I hope to send some to my friends in the UK soon.