Books, books, I love books

I knit.
I sew.
I embroider.
I cook.
I blog.
I read. Yes I do and not only Tintin au Congo (sorry, private joke with my kids and NSAH2).
Here is what I am reading at the moment:
A great read so far. I started slowly and now I can’t wait to go to bed and read (Yes, Dear Cousin, you are not the only one who cannot go to sleep without having read a few lines).
This one is in preparation of the little visitor who comes to see us in a bit more than a week. We would not want to feed Lady Gaia with processed food, would we?
If you are a Quilting blog addict, you might know Elizabeth Hartman. She is behind Oh Fransson. I started following her blog in 2008. It is so nice to witness her style getting stronger, her technique taking a modern twist, and the colours she uses are so invigorating.
Finally, this one is on my bedside table. Do not be mistaken, it is not to cure night insomnia. I am really reading it.
660 muscles more or less in our body, how lucky we are! Soon I will know all the muscles involved in my arms’ circumduction (love this word, it means that you are doing circles with your arms).
By my bed, I have a large basket of books I am planning to read next: Wolf Hall from Hilary Mantel, Mercy – Toni Morisson (isn’t she a beautiful lady?), Le projet Lazarus – Aleksandar Hemon, Martha Inc., The Laguna – Barbara Kingsolver and I have much more on my ‘ToRead list”. I do not understand how people can get bored, honestly there is so much to read.
PS. Have you notice how I managed to post without any crafting progress? I’ve been revising recently (hence the anatomy book). I am working on Xmas projects and I am going to a ‘Teddy Bear workshop’ tomorrow.