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Halloween or Toussaints? The first one being fun for kids, and scary. The second one, boring and scary too (in my childhood, on Nov. 1st, we would go from cemetery to cemetery, with my grandmother, paying respect to people we did not know and having tea with [scary] old ladies).

For the Treat or Trick’s party at our condo, J. helped me to prepare sweet bags: more hygienic (it might feel good to be scared, but germs from the neighbourhood travelling on little hands, dipping in my bowl of sweets is not for me!).


Do you like my banner? Not too scary. A. said ‘creepy’, it reminds her of the movie Coraline.


J. has always been my little witch with her eyes of different colour. A good witch though! But, when you are 10, being a witch is no longer fun. This year, she was a Disco Diva (Disco maybe, Diva for sure).


Tonight all the decorations are going down until next year, and shall we start thinking about Xmas?

By the way, if you are wondering what is in our plates this week, here it is: pasta with melted butter.



  1. pasta with melted butter? only 2 ingredients? by the way, i love your blog =)


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