Teddy Bears’ party

‘For next week, sew the head and stuff it’.  That’s how we finished last Friday’s workshop.

IMG_0072[1]A couple of months ago, I had seen this Teddy Bear in a Decoration shop (Lim’s for those of you who live in S’pore).  I loved the fact that it was done with Batik.  If you remember what I sewed last year (this dress, and this one, this skirt and those two dresses, and here another skirt…), you know that I love Batik.  Conclusion, I had to have one of those Batik Teddy Bears, but was not ready to buy it.  Where is the fun in buying something you would enjoy making?

I booked myself for a Teddy Bears’ workshop at Brigitte.  My first workshop for a long, very long time. I do not go to many workshop as I think that I am able enough to follow a pattern, but on the other hand, it is so nice to share experiences with others, and all the chatting!

Teddy Bears first batch

Last Friday was the first part of the workshop, only 2 participants.That was great.  Back home, I finished my ‘first head’, stuffed it, sewed the arms and belly, stuffed them too… and now what? Wait until next Friday?  No, I cut, sewed and stuffed another 3 bears on Sunday, and another 4 on Monday. I am not compulsive, I am just enjoying myself.

Teddy Bears ecossais

To be continued…


  1. Rhoo, comme ils vont être beaux ces nounours.

  2. It looks as though you have quite a production line going on there Caroline!
    I love your bears and look forward to seeing them come to life :)
    The fabric with the paw prints is just too cute.



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