Friday, 31 December 2010

Best ever work

Happy New Year to all of you

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

2010 knits

Friday, 24 December 2010

I am a Scrooge

I hate Christmas.

When did this start? I do not know, I think it is quite a recent affection. I think I was happy with Christmas when the kids were young. I think I was happy with Christmas when I was younger. But as years pass, Christmas seems more and more stressful for me. I am not organising anything though, and I should just enjoy the festive period. But no, I can not.

Actually, Christmas makes me sad, depressed and cranky. When December starts, I get organised, make lists, plan, set up deadlines, and promise myself that I will enjoy myself, that I will not ruin it for everyone else, that I will keep an open and kind mind. All of this should be easy: I just have to find presents for everybody (not a large family), pack my bags and fly to my parents’ home. Everything should be smooth and easy.

Is it due to my expectations being too high? Is it me being unable to relax and just enjoy? Is it some old family history creeping back? I so wish that Christmas was off the calendar, I cannot wait for January 2nd when the year is new and fresh, when anything is possible, when I can promise myself to make everything nice and better… until next Christmas.

Forgive me if I do not wish you a Merry Christmas, I prefer to wish you good health, supporting family, wonderful kids, amazing partners, fulfilling projects, peace of mind, good reads, surprises, self confidence, comfort of knowing you have great friends… and chocolate.

To all my readers, thank you for stopping by, thank you for your messages


Until next year, take care.


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Neat knit

This is our 5th day in ‘gloomy wonderland’.  Today fog, rain, everything is grey and unwelcoming, and I still love it!

I bought some very inexpensive yarn the other day (2 Euros a ball), 100% acrylic, but so soft.  It is perfect for a baby knit.  I have 2 balls in Night blue and 2 balls in Silver grey.  I am using this pattern from Joji as an inspiration.  I am knitting a size 3-month for MP’s BB #2.  This little one will be born at the beginning of Autumn and will need something to keep him warm (any excuse to knit is good, isn’t it?)

Monday, 20 December 2010

A new banner for December

We are in Europe and were welcomed by snow and cold weather. Just what we wanted. I am wearing socks, shawl, reading by the fire, sipping herb tea to keep me warm. I love it!

Yesterday we went for a walk at sunset, and took a couple of pictures, and made up a new banner.

Now you will excuse me, but I am going yarn-shopping, I need something soft and wooly.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

UFOs Challenge 2011

Jumping onto this virtual wagon – finishing 12 UFOs in 2011.  The rules are easy, make a list of your UFOs, number them and wait for Judy (from Patchwork Times) to draw a number and this is the project that will be worked on and hopefully finished for the month (go to her blog if I am not clear).
Here is my provisional list:
  1. A’s quilt – finish borders, quilt and bind;
  2. MP & B’s wedding quilt – finish a couple of blocks, decide on borders, quilt and bind;
  3. Mystery quilt – quilt and bind;
  4. Lady of the lack – machine quilt and bind;
  5. Black, red and white kaleidoscope – quilt and bind;
  6. Cats quilt – machine quilt and bind; DONE
  7. J. Chiaverini sampler quilt – finish to hand sew a couple of block and the border, machine assemble, quilt and bind;
  8. Gold flower kaleidoscope – finish blocks (lots of them), assemble, quilt and bind;
  9. Make-up wallet – hand quilting, assemble;
  10. Cream stars quilt – finish blocks, assemble, quilt and bind
  11. Batik quilt – finish hand quilting, blind
I probably have more, and I am probably too ambitious; I also know which ones are my priorities, so I might bend the rules a bit.  2011 will have to be a ‘finish-projects’ year.
No time for pictures for the moment, I need to finish my packing, we are leaving tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I’ve already done a post like this before. But do not worry this is not old age getting to me, it is just that Sarah from Clover lane really inspires me (you can now go straight to her blog using the button on the side).

I have and will most certainly never meet Sarah, but very often, I feel that I would really enjoy being her friend (How many friendship offers have you received, Sarah?). And yesterday, this feeling was quite strong.

Indeed, yesterday I decided to prepare our bags for the holidays. Just to put things straight, we live in Singapore, will spend Christmas with my family in France (13 hour-flight; a big Thank You to NSAH2, who booked the tickets when he realised that I had not the guts to tell my parents we might not come!), then we will fly all the way across the world to Melbourne (13 + 8 hours) to Lady Gaia’s christening (the thing is that A. is the godmother, Lady Gaia’s mum being A.’s godmother and my goddaughter – it runs in the family and this is a very big event for all of us). We will go from Summer to Winter and back to Summer, add the Christmas and christening presents and you get a packing nightmare.

My strategy was to start with the ‘Winter packing’. I dug into the storage boxes trying to locate hats, gloves, scarves, jumpers… realising at the same time that most of the children’s clothes were too small. Followed a big sorting of the winter clothes, I then had to reorganise the storage boxes which lead to more sorting, more organising. 5 hours later, my bedroom looked a mess,but in another couple of hours later my bedroom was neat, my closets organised with a smell of orange blossom (nothing fancy here, just some rice in a jar and 20-ish drops of essential oil; shake it with the lid on! Reopen and enjoy).

Just before going to bed, I read Sarah’s post, we were so in synch! Or are we all in synch at the moment. Do we all go through our closets, sorting, cleaning, organising? Is this syndrome related to the fact that Christmas is approaching fast, very fast?

On this note, I registered to the Fly Lady newsletter: more tips, more routines… I can see New Year’s resolutions coming. Here is one of mine : de-clutter room by room. Again I am inspired by Sarah and her 40 bags challenge from last year.

Oh, you want some pictures! I am not going to humiliate myself showing you my messy bedroom. But here is a picture of what I have been doing.

First they look like this


Then, there’s an army of them:




Saturday, 11 December 2010

Project BIG LOVE

I have been falling behind…  I was supposed to finish A’s jumper early in October for our trip to China (Did I mention the ‘traumatic’ experience of getting – or NOT our visas!  It is tempting to rumble about the French-Chinese relationships… but it is useless, and hopefully we will have other opportunities to go to China).

Coming back to this knit, it took me longer than expected, but it is now finished, and it looks gorgeous on A. (or is it A. looking gorgeous in it?).

Shabby Princess ~ Happy Go Lucky

Now back to my needles, I have more projects to finish for Christmas.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


I have received it!  Look how lovely this is.  My candle mat is there, not too Christmassy which means that I will have the pleasure to use it all year long.  For the coming festive season, it will be with this little angel.


Look closely, don’t you like the fabrics, the colours, the harmony of the patterns.


A BIG thank you Raylee, I LOVE it. By the way go and see Raylee’s blog (don’t we all love visitors?)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

PG Tips vs PG tea pillow

PG what? OK, if you are from the UK,you KNOW PG Tips: it’s is a cheap brand of basic English tea (sorry, I am French and I only drink coffee or posh teas).  Every British household had, has or will have PG Tips in their cupboard.  From a PG Tips’ tea bag, you will obtain a brown-ish substance, add milk and it will turn beige-ish with little spots, a bit darker.  Your taste buds will have trouble to detect any flavour, but you are supposed to drink it hot, so it does not matter much you have already burned your taste buds. Again, this is from somebody that has infused in coffee all her life… You should go to their website just to see their mascot, the Monkey. 

Now what about the PG tea pillow?  First, let me digress a bit. P. also known as NSAH2 travels a lot (hence his nick-name – Never Stay at Home Husband) for his work, visiting hotels, having meetings and conferences around Asia and the rest of the world.  After each trip, he brings back some ‘goodies’: rubber ducks, samples of the latest Spa products, pictures of him and his team, ‘ugly’ candles, Indian tea… Did I say that he works in the hotel business? After each trip, I try to discourage him; we have to save the planet from all the rubbish each of us are producing, and he is not helping by bringing back everything he is given… Digression finished.

The other day, NSAH2 came back from China. We got the usual team picture; I am not going to show this here for respect to my few readers.

The expected Teddy Bear (on this one’s business card, it says '”my interests include getting warm and cuddly with wives, girlfriends and children…” !…)

And a monstrous tea bag, wrapped in bright Chinese fabric. Best of all, it has been monogrammed to my hubby’s initials: PG.  Actually it is not a tea bag, but a ‘Lucky golden pillow’ which according to the prospectus will ‘eliminate fatigue, increase work efficiency, decrease stress, reduce high blood pressure, improve vision and can prevent brain cancer’.  How come we did not get one earlier?