Neat knit

This is our 5th day in ‘gloomy wonderland’.  Today fog, rain, everything is grey and unwelcoming, and I still love it!

I bought some very inexpensive yarn the other day (2 Euros a ball), 100% acrylic, but so soft.  It is perfect for a baby knit.  I have 2 balls in Night blue and 2 balls in Silver grey.  I am using this pattern from Joji as an inspiration.  I am knitting a size 3-month for MP’s BB #2.  This little one will be born at the beginning of Autumn and will need something to keep him warm (any excuse to knit is good, isn’t it?)


  1. j'ai voulu faire ma curieuse mais il faut s'inscrire pour aller sur Raverly... Tant pis pour moi, en tout cas la laine est belle. Vive les bébés d'hiver... n'est il pas ?


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