PG Tips vs PG tea pillow

PG what? OK, if you are from the UK,you KNOW PG Tips: it’s is a cheap brand of basic English tea (sorry, I am French and I only drink coffee or posh teas).  Every British household had, has or will have PG Tips in their cupboard.  From a PG Tips’ tea bag, you will obtain a brown-ish substance, add milk and it will turn beige-ish with little spots, a bit darker.  Your taste buds will have trouble to detect any flavour, but you are supposed to drink it hot, so it does not matter much you have already burned your taste buds. Again, this is from somebody that has infused in coffee all her life… You should go to their website just to see their mascot, the Monkey. 

Now what about the PG tea pillow?  First, let me digress a bit. P. also known as NSAH2 travels a lot (hence his nick-name – Never Stay at Home Husband) for his work, visiting hotels, having meetings and conferences around Asia and the rest of the world.  After each trip, he brings back some ‘goodies’: rubber ducks, samples of the latest Spa products, pictures of him and his team, ‘ugly’ candles, Indian tea… Did I say that he works in the hotel business? After each trip, I try to discourage him; we have to save the planet from all the rubbish each of us are producing, and he is not helping by bringing back everything he is given… Digression finished.

The other day, NSAH2 came back from China. We got the usual team picture; I am not going to show this here for respect to my few readers.

The expected Teddy Bear (on this one’s business card, it says '”my interests include getting warm and cuddly with wives, girlfriends and children…” !…)

And a monstrous tea bag, wrapped in bright Chinese fabric. Best of all, it has been monogrammed to my hubby’s initials: PG.  Actually it is not a tea bag, but a ‘Lucky golden pillow’ which according to the prospectus will ‘eliminate fatigue, increase work efficiency, decrease stress, reduce high blood pressure, improve vision and can prevent brain cancer’.  How come we did not get one earlier?