UFOs Challenge 2011

Jumping onto this virtual wagon – finishing 12 UFOs in 2011.  The rules are easy, make a list of your UFOs, number them and wait for Judy (from Patchwork Times) to draw a number and this is the project that will be worked on and hopefully finished for the month (go to her blog if I am not clear).
Here is my provisional list:
  1. A’s quilt – finish borders, quilt and bind;
  2. MP & B’s wedding quilt – finish a couple of blocks, decide on borders, quilt and bind;
  3. Mystery quilt – quilt and bind;
  4. Lady of the lack – machine quilt and bind;
  5. Black, red and white kaleidoscope – quilt and bind;
  6. Cats quilt – machine quilt and bind; DONE
  7. J. Chiaverini sampler quilt – finish to hand sew a couple of block and the border, machine assemble, quilt and bind;
  8. Gold flower kaleidoscope – finish blocks (lots of them), assemble, quilt and bind;
  9. Make-up wallet – hand quilting, assemble;
  10. Cream stars quilt – finish blocks, assemble, quilt and bind
  11. Batik quilt – finish hand quilting, blind
I probably have more, and I am probably too ambitious; I also know which ones are my priorities, so I might bend the rules a bit.  2011 will have to be a ‘finish-projects’ year.
No time for pictures for the moment, I need to finish my packing, we are leaving tomorrow.


  1. Bonjour Caroline and Co. Gros Bisous de Floride. You are so talented!!!
    Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee


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