For 2011, I would like…

  • to instantly slim down;
  • to learn in my sleep;
  • to be toned just by the will of my powerful mind;
  • to be calm and relax when facing the kids’ “demands”;
  • to get a juicer;
  • to hate anything sugary or chocolaty;
  • to finish all my UFOs;
  • to be super organised';
  • to grumble not;

So far I got:

  • a broken bread maker – that was the only way I was able to make decent bread Sad smile
  • a ‘playing-funny’ camera – so sad, but that might be the opportunity I was waiting to get a new one;
  • a bad hair day – humidity = frizzy hair + I am growing old, and my hair are growing white…

Still, I am set to enjoy the day, the kids are all back to school, I am going back to my quilting friends, and it is raining today which means that it will not be to hot.


Souvenir from our Australian holiday


  1. Merci de ton commentaire, je n'ai plus ton email perso pour répondre, j'ai perdu tous mes contacts...

  2. être organisée et finir les UFO, le rêve!


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