Kitty Quilt–UFOs Challenge #6

It is time yet? Can I speak (write) about it? Can I show it? I’ve finished the Kitty Quilt on time (a week early, actually) for the UFOs Challenge 2011’s target.

The story of this quilt starts 2 1/2 years ago. At this time I was discovering the Blogosphere, and one of the very first blog I started following was Oh Fransson. In August 2008, she made this quilt, so fresh. The same month, I went to the NEC in Birmingham with my friends and my Aunty. And my Aunty being my Aunty, when I spotted the Kitty fabric, she could not resist buying it for me. And I couldn’t say NO either!

I started cutting, piecing, basting… but then I cannot remember what happened. Was is the year we had 3 au pairs in 7 months? Was is the year I commuted a lot between work and the kids activities? Or was it the year I promised myself I will learn to machine quilt and save the quilt for this purpose?

Anyway, as they say, live happens and now some years later it is done, machine-quilted and I still love it (which might not be the case of other quilts on the UFOs list)!



IMGP9832 IMGP9831




  1. très joli !! happy to be on your "frenchies" list :-) je découvre ton blog ! A bientôt !

  2. Your kitty quilt is beautiful! My cats would definitely love to lay on it.

  3. Fantastic! Congratulations on a beautiful finish!


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