Simple, simple, simple…

Not sure whether I could call this a tutorial, a demo, or just a ‘thingy’ (that’s not a word – right!)

Today, I had to wrap two gifts, but the only wrapping paper left at home was Christmas paper (out of season – right!). But I found some old envelops. Probably had them for years, can’t even remember when I last used one of them. One idea following the next, I came with this.

You need:


  • one large envelop
  • a ruler
  • a pen
  • some sealer-tape
  • a pair of fancy scissor

  1. IMGP9782
    From the bottom of the envelop, the sealed part, and mark a dot on each side at 1 1/2’.

  2. IMGP9783
    Fold on the dots.

  3. IMGP9785
    Mark 2 dots at the top of the envelop, on the flap, and 2 others opposite these at the bottom of the envelop, on the folded part.

  4. IMGP9786
    Fold each side, using opposite dots as a guide line.

  5. IMGP9787 IMGP9788
    Open the envelop, and the creases to make this beck-like triangle (not sure what I am speaking about, look at an UHT carton).

  6. IMGP9789
    Fold the triangles toward the bottom of the box, and secure them in place with a bit of sealer tape.

  7. IMGP9791
    On the flap part, draw a line.

  8. IMGP9792
    Use your fancy scissors to cut across the line.

  9. IMGP9793
    And Voilà! my grocery-like gift bag. Next time, I will decorate the envelop before I make the bag.


  1. rho astucieux... c'est une bonne idée, moi qui suis dans la même situation ( version papier noël). Mais j'ai que des enveloppe marrons, pas grave çà fera "nature"


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