Can’t (Teddy) Bear it!

Our Group is about to lose its Leader.  I am sure she would not like to be call The Leader, but to be honest, she is the one who brought us all together!

I met Mandy a couple of weeks after I arrived in S’pore.  I remember, as I was shopping, seeing a group of ladies very busy around a tiny batik shop.  My instinct pushed me  toward them: ‘they must be quilters’ and if not there must be something very interesting in this shop.  Within minutes, I had my confirmation: they were QUILTERS, and I also got invited to Mandy’s next quilting meeting (and yes, this tiny shop is full of beautify batiks – Holland Village Shopping Centre, 2nd Floor) …Since then, the Tuesday’s meetings are my little window of sanity.  The group has grown, evolved, given birth to a Knitting group, and I am sure, if we push it a bit, we could probably have a Cooking group, a Walking group, a Chatting group…

Anyway, we wanted to do something special for Mandy, and we thought that a signatures Teddy Bear would be a good idea.


But he is so lovely in crispy white and batik, I am not so sure I would like him to be signed on.  So I made a little bag to go with it (tutorial from the Pink Penguin, here), so there’s somewhere to sign if the Ladies of the group feel that they can’t “Bear’ signing on Teddy!

IMGP0163          IMGP0170IMGP0166          IMGP0165


  1. C'est une très bonne idée, effectivement il est tellement joli que signé dessus serait presque criminel. Et finalement que chacune signe sur les carreaux du sac semble vraiment sympa.


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