I’ve been schnibbling

The tittle of this post could have been:

  • 7 hours later – cancelled the gym, cancelled lunch, had a coffee and a soup and kept sewing until the kids came back from school.
  • My best friend the ripper – did not pay enough attention, and have had to rip a few seams, but honestly the cat did not help, she wanted to, but could not get the colour properly organised!
  • 3 Wallenders later – probably another reason I was not concentrating enough, but you have to love Kenneth Branagh in this role. How can he play an over tired, unhealthy, unshaved police man and still have some sex-appeal?

It took me almost all day to put it together, but it is done. I had a ‘cutting party’ a couple of weeks ago, and could not really decide how to put this little top together. Nothing difficult, but you know, how to balance the colours, how to keep it harmonious and pleasing. After arranging, re-arranging the colours, I could not remember what was the previous version and decided that it will be good as it is.




Still to be done: piece the back with the rest of the 30’s prints, and quilt (machine-quilt). Surely, I can do this before the end of March.

And "Merci" to Béatrice would gave me the inspiration of starting this. Look at her ‘Year of Schnibbles.


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