Practical and pretty

My iron-board is big and wide.  I always have difficulties to find the right cover, the one that going to stay in place, the one that will be ‘bumpy’ enough.  You might argue that it should not bother me to much as I am not the one in charge of the ironing! That’s right, but I believe that in everything we should seek for practicality and prettiness.

I used this tutorial found at Stop Staring… start sewing! I’ve seen other tutos on the web, but hers is so simple and straight forward.  I made a couple of changes: added some wadding (the size of the board plus 1’ all around) for the bumpiness, and two elastics clipped under the board for extra tightness.


Look at the fabric.  I could not NOT buy it.  Do you see the sign “Reine”, I used to buy my fabrics there when I was young and living in the Paris suburb.


I am now thinking of painting my little stool in blue, and probably use the left-over of fabric to cover the laundry baskets my Grand Father made me.



As I said practical and pretty!


  1. Yay! It looks beautiful and I LOVE that fabric! I'm so glad you enjoyed the tutorial! :)


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