There’s a new crafter in town

Ladies and Gentlemen (sure I have at least one reading from time to time),

Beware, there is some strong new competition in the Crafting world. Here are the details.

Name: J. for Juliette

Age: 10 (and a half)

Signe particulier: one green eye, the other one brown

What has she done?

  • Started playing with my sewing machine a week ago (lots of fancy stitches).
  • Decided she want to sew a skirt for her friend in England (if you are her friend –best- in England, leave the room now, you are not supposed to see this).
  • Bought (on Mum’s PayPal account) a skirt pattern online.
  • Dragged Mum (no, not really) to Spotlight and chose a pink-ish fabric.
  • Assembled the 33 pages of pattern.
  • Asked Mum to cut the necessary pieces.
  • Pinned the pattern onto the pink-ish fabric.
  • Sewed all the parts together, asked the occasional questions to Mum, and for a bit of help…

and Voilà! Skirt done, with nice ribbon and fancy stitches.

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I am so proud of my girl!


  1. wouaouh. elle est vraiment belle cette jupe. Félicitations jeune fille .


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