Too many ideas rushing through my head

This morning, I wanted to ‘work’ on the tabs of this blog, and decide which blogs I will link.  So I opened all the bookmarks I have been saving for some times now, and started browsing through them.  And it is when it happened, from one blog I followed a link to another, found a great idea, saved a new bookmark, then follow another link, left a comment somewhere, opened a new tab to remind myself to check something later, and kept jumping from one page to the other… At least one hour later, I’ve added some 5/6 projects to my Wish-to-Do list, saved a few more bookmarks of blogs I want to go back to, registered as a follower, but had not progressed at all on the selection of my 'best, preferred blogs.

It is now time for me to practice the Cello (exam in a couple of weeks), I need to prepare for my Pilates classes next week, must be back at 3:00 for the kids (who would have imagined that, at their age, it was so important for them to find me home when they came back from school).  I have a Teddy Bear to produce, a Shnibble to sew, a jumper to knit.  I need some fabric for the great top I just spotted.  I must make time for a run this afternoon.  I need to find a nice restaurant to go out with NSAH2, this week-end… And I thought that I would have more time once not working outside.  The trouble is that time seems to vanish.  There are so many things I want to do, and I end up rushing through my days wondering where they’ve gone.  I sometimes wonder whether I am intentionally making my life to rush, so I don’t have to think about what I accomplish or NOT!