Turning into my Mum

Surely, one day or another, you gasped at your reflection, walking in the street, and asked yourself “What is my Mum doing here?’, just seconds before you realised that the image was not your Mum’s but yours.  When I was a teenager, people I did not know would say hello to me, thinking they recognised my Mum.  That used to upset me, but to tell the truth, I look like her since I look like my maternal grand-mother and all the other women on this side of the family.

But today, I realised that I must carry more than just a physical resemblance.  When we were young, my Mum used to ‘bake her worries away’; having her hands in the flour would relax her, as if the smell of freshly baked cakes would smooth things.

This week, I baked:

  • a double batch of Oat, Raisin and Chocolate chips cookies;
  • a banana loaf;
  • a batch of plain scones;
  • and finally, a batch of strawberry scones (in a heart shape), and a batch of chocolate chips scones.


It’s lucky I have three kids to consume all of this!


  1. Ben moi j'ai pas grand chose de ce côté là de la famille. Ah si, peut-être le mode "je n'arrête pas de papoter". Pour çà je tiens de mamie...

  2. Caroline, I so enjoy your blog. The quilts and hand stitching are so beautiful. I just went through some old posts and enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful projects!

  3. i love baking too! my kids and hubby eat it all up quick, which keeps the amount i eat in check. :)


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