Saturday, 26 March 2011

Taking “Liberty”

Somebody needed (translate – wanted) a PJ.  And off course, I had the perfect fabric for this: a bit of Liberty bought during our visit to London last summer.

I tried to find the perfect pattern for he PJ, but I could not find what I wanted.  So after several months of procrastination, I went in almost total improvisation.  For the top, I used the triangle from a Japanese pattern (this book) and for the short I fiddle with an old and too large PJ of hers and a too small pattern once again from a Japanese pattern.  Added a bit a cotton lace (very cheap from Daizo).

I’m pleased with the result and ‘somebody’ seemed to be thrilled with the result.


scrapbooking paper2

Friday, 18 March 2011

Forecasting snow falls in S’pore?

I am playing with this.

IMGP0253 v2IMGP0251

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My first Schnibble

Here it is, finished.

scrapbooking paper1

What I liked about this project:

  • It took me just 3 days from cutting to quilting;
  • It is small and satisfying;
  • The 30’s prints;
  • The simplistic quilting.

And best of all, I can now start my 2nd Schnibble.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

For the Boy…

If you go to Rae’s blog, you’ll see that this month is Celebrating the Boy.  Actually, it might have been last month, not sure.

Anyway, here is my way to celebrate the BOY (MBPs Bb #2).

Recently Updated5

I’ve knitted a little something else to go with the stripy kimono.  I got inspired by Hilary and her Little Baby Grandpa Sweater.  This is my version of the Grandpa cardi, nice and easy cable, woolly but still soft yarn, pattern from Sirdar and can be bought on line at Pattern Fish.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Unconditional love

Be prepared, no pictures, no craft for this post.

A couple of days ago, a friend, who does not have kids, asked me:

“How to you share your love with 3 kids?”

“I do not share my love” I replied.

“But, how do you find the time?'”

And then I tried to explain to her that I can share my time, I can find ways to have more.  And may I say that I am lucky, living in Singapore, I have lots of help at home, I do not have to do the laundry, I do not have to clean the house, I could even free myself from grocery shopping or cooking; I have somebody at home doing most of ‘my’ chores.

But when it comes to love, the only thing I can say is that YOU DO NOT SHARE.  How do you explain to somebody that has not experienced it yet, that whatever you do, whatever your children put you through, there is a never-dried out source of love of them, for each of them.  It is not a question of finding the time, it is not a question of sharing.  From my first kid to my third one, my heart has swollen (could it be the reason why I am over-weight?)

If I think even further, if I think that my kids will (I hope) have babies, my throat starts tightening with emotion.  How come that these little persons, who I might not meet for some years, already have this effect on me?  I might be lucky to meet my great-grand kids (my Grand Parents are 90 this year), and I already want to embrace them, to tell them how much I love them.

From now on, you must know that I have tears in my eyes, because I start thinking about my great-great grand kids, I will not be there for them, to protect them, and what about their own children, and the children of their children… Oh Gosh! so many of them I will not meet, I will not have time to show them my love…

So, NO, you cannot share your love for your children, you cannot know where it will take you, and until you experience it, you have no idea how your love for your kids will take over everything else.

This being said, next post I will show you some crafting progress, so please come back.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

UFO Challenge – I failed February…

Or to be precise, I did not even try. This month I was supposed to finish UFO #10, but when I looked at it, I decided that UFO #10 could not be considered as an unfinished object, but rather a HSO – hardly started object.

Only one block done, for a 12-block project. No pattern, just a vague memory of a pretty quilt, I can’t even remember where I saw it!

I have not even cut all the necessary fabric. So February UFO will stay as it is, back in its box.


Now it is time to move to March UFO. This is going to be a very difficult one: this is A’s quilt. It has been in ‘progress’ for more than 4 years. I drew many versions, collected vibrant colours, worked on it while A was not around. A. has this effect on me, I want to make things for her, but I always feel shy.

The top is almost done, I have to figure out how to finish the border on which I want to add some appliqué. Then, I will probably send it to a professional quilter if I want to see it finished before she turns 16.